Emco Pressmaster Pvt. Ltd.


Automation Strip Straightener

Emco Pressmaster Pvt. Ltd. a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Automation Strip Straightener.


Motorised Strip Straighteners

Pressmaster Variable speed Motorised Strip Straighteners speed output and reduce costs by removing coil stock curvature at controlled speeds prior to feeding to presses. Uncoiling and straightening operations are combined in an integrally mounted unit with synchronised payout. Strip Straighteners are offered as 'Cabinet Based' free standing machines.


Main Features : Two techniques are used in these machines :

  •  Cradle : - The straightening Rollers are positioned in a tilting cradle. Straightening consists of creating the maximum strain and then flattening progressively. This technique to be used with thin metal strip. Where flatness requirements are high. These machines are suitable for more fibrous metals, stainless steel, silicon sheet, bimetalic strip etc.
  •  Independent Rollers : - The Straightening Rollers are individually adjustable, 4 pinch rollers (2 at the input 2 at the output) provide the stress and feed of the strip. This is suitable for medium strenght strip.


Other Features 

  • Pinch rolls and lower straightening rolls are power driven and made from special steel, hardended and ground and run on antifriction bearings.

  • Loop control system to start and stop the motor automatically.

  • Uniquely mounted drive package shortens transmissionless vibration – easily removeable for maintenance.

  • Variable speed pulleys for standard variable Drive Alternately Dc / Ac drives on demand.

  • Scales are incorporated for precision depth setting.

  • Entry and exit guide roller are hardened and ground for longer life.

  • The control box comprises 2 selectors : (1) Forward / Reverse (2) Manual / Automatic